About This Site

This page was built by Mentat Analytics, a data consulting firm based in Los Angeles. We specialize in implementing product analytics tools and are a certified partner of Mixpanel and Segment. We found ourselves frequently giving our clients the same tips over and over again, so we put all those tips in documents to share with them. We then decided it’s easier and cleaner to have them on a simple website and give them the link to that site. This is that site. 


At Mentat we also build business intelligence stacks, help with hiring a data team, and do audits of your entire data analytics setup including your dashboards, databases, and organizational setup. Visit our site or reach out to us directly if you want to learn more: hello@mentatanalytics.co

Read some reviews from our clients and examine our previous Mixpanel implementation work over at our page on Mixpanel's official partner directory.